The "Fête des Jardiniers"

More than just a flower fair, a festival of happenings

Since its launch in 1994, the Garden festival “Fête des Jardiniers” has been held every year on the first week-end of June.
It is dedicated to the art and practice of gardening.


The 27th occasion takes place in June 6th and 7th.








60 exhibitors of rare plants, tools and garden decoration

Nurseries, plant collectors and gardeners, chosen for the quality and diversity of their plants, come to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with visitors. A series of workshops are also held, on all kinds of gardening topics.
The private Kitchen garden is open during the week end. A collection of chickens is displayed at the orangery.


During the entire Garden Festival, visitors can enjoy gardening workshops and expert advice: pruning roses, fruit trees, lawn maintenance, grafting, taking cuttings or even gardening for children.
The stoves in the old kitchens of the chateau are revived, inviting the gourmet amateurs to taste and assist the jam-making process.

Award for the best garden book

On Saturday 1st, at 3PM , the Prix P.J. Redouté, literary award, will be given to the best French garden book of the year.


Schedules: Open from 10 AM to 7 PM
Snacks and restaurant in the garden
Loaders for heavy shopping


April to Septembre
week-ends in Octobre
All Saints Holidays

Due to the actual epidemic of Coronavirus, we are not abble to indicate an opening date of the Château du Lude.

An amazing house

Top of the range receptions, private tour, bird shooting

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