Gourmet Days

Go back in childhood with the flavour of the jams, cooked in the old kitchen of the castle!

Once a month from April to October, in the old kitchen take place the Gourmet Days.

During those week-ends, the jams are cooked  on the old stove in copper pans. The visitors can taste the different flavours on creps and buy some jar.

In April and October, given that the fruits are rare, the Gourmet Days are dedicated to milk products. From 2019, Joël and Lucie, from the Ferme du Frêne, make cheeses, fromages frais, dulce de leche and hot chocolate with the milk of their cows, bred on the other side of the Loir River, not far from the castle.

The fruits come from the kitchen garden, open on those special days.


The 2020 Gourmet Days take place on:

  • April 12th: conceled
  • July 12th & 14th
  • August 15th & 16th
  • September 12th & 13th (Fête des jardiniers)
  • September 19th & 20th
  • October 25th

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