Prix litteraire Pierre-Joseph Redouté

The 2016 edition

Saturday 4th of June, at the Château du Lude, alongside the Jury, authors and editors, the 17th Pierre-Joseph Redouté Prize wasas awarded to:

 « Dingue de plantes »
de Didier Willery
Editions Ulmer


In this extremely personal work, Didier Willery’s most prominent objective was to put across his passion for gardening. he gives us, with great precision, the results of his often audacious experiments and the many tricks and tactics stemming from all the different methods he has tried and tested. In his garden of 2,500m², where ordered plot alternates with another more impulsive creation, he has combined an incredible variety of plantes, some of which are little known but are begging to be discovered. For Didier, the Garden is a game which blends the functional and the enjoyable and it is his personal conception which, with a light and humorous tone, he conveys to the reader.

“Dingue de Plantes” is the product of a life entirely consecrated to a passion which unifies gardening and botany. The author is himself both a journalist, editorial director of the Ulmer Publishing House, and botanical supervisor at the gardens of Vastérival.

6 other prizes have also been awarded:

Artistic Prize

Daniel Ost, l’art floral & la beauté de l’éphémère

Paul Geerts, éd. Les Arènes

Practical Gardening Prize

Plantez vos noyaux

Holly Farrell, éd. Larousse

Nature Prize

Le monde secret des champignons

Jens H. Petersen, éd. Delachaux et Niestlé

Historical Prize

L’herbier Vilmorin

Christine Laurent, éd. Belin

Botanical Prize

L’herbier globe-trotter

Thomas et Agathe Haevermans, éd. Hachette

Special Jury Prize

Abeilles Sauvages

Philippe Boyer, éd. Ulmer

Public’s Prize

Always faithful to their post, the Jury is composed of both horticultural experts and garden lovers:
Martine Gérardin, gardening journalist, Diane de Bleder, Belgian gardener, Louis Benech, landscape architect, Jean-Louis Remilleux, film producer, Jacques Garcia, architect and decorator, designer of the gardens at Champ de Bataille Château, Marie-Anne Chazel, actress and author, Olivier Colin, plant collector and botanist, Maryvonne Pinault, garden lover, Jean-Noël Burte, horticultural engineer, former director of the Luxembourg Gardens, Marc Menessier, Journalist.


P.J Redouté Literary Prize benefits from sponsoring from TRUFFAUT, Média-Participations, le Conseil départemental de la Sarthe, Bourg Joly Malicorne, le Conseil régional des Pays de la Loire, France Bleu Maine and

Next edition of the P.J Redouté Award : Saturday 3rd of June 2017
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