Schedule of the season

Season 2020

Oppening of the Castle

! Due to the epidemic of coronavirus, we are nota bble to indicate an opening date for the Château du Lude.

! Depending on the government’s instructions about the restriction of people traffic, we can’t garantee the opening of the castle at during the periods iniatialy planned, nor the hold of the different events.


EASTER: Sunday 12th APRIL



NEURODON, solidarity action: 9th & 10th May

  • opening of the kitchen garden
  • for each ticket for the gardens, 2€ are donated for the research against brain diseases


27th GARDENERS’ FESTIVAL: 6th & 7th June

  • exhibition and sale of rare plants
  • gardening workshops
  • activities for children

21st PRIX P.J. REDOUTÉ to the best garden book of the year: 6th June.


GOURMET DAYS:  12th & 14th July and 15th & 18th August

  • opening of the kitchen garden
  • cooking jam in the medieval kitchen


EUROPEAN HERITAGE DAYS:  19th & 20th September

  • opening of the kitchen garden
  • event in the medieval kitchen

LE LUDE RENAISSANCE: Sunday 20th September

  • shows in town
  • departure and arrival of the great parade in the park of the castle.


AUTUMN  FLAVOURS:  25th October

  • opening of the kitchen garden
  • events in the medieval kitchen

Group booking

To discover the castle and its garden, the groups can book a visit all along the year

An amazing house

Top of the range receptions, private tour, bird shooting


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