Gourmet days – 14th & 15th August 2021

Enjoy the summer flavours at the Château du Lude!

During the whole week-end, in the medieval kitchen, the wood-burning ovens reviel the flavours of summer fruits. In the copper pans, strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, apricots and plums and turning into delicious jam. Once in jar, taste them on a fresh pancake and take some for home.

Discovering of the gardens for all the family

The gourmet days are the opportunity to visit the kitchen garden, exceptionally open to public. This private garden is cultivated to the use of the family. Fruits and vegetables grow according to respect of nature. Flowers are surrounding them to attrackt pollinating insects.

In the park, observe the animals: cows, birds on the river and in the woods, frogs in the waterlily pool, sheeps, hens, etc. The walk passes by the mazes, the underground tunels in the moat, the low gardens and the wood.

Don’t forget to make a stop at the horse stabble building and visit the common building and viiste the horse stables, the saddlery, the granary and the coach room. Take a picture in the coach of the Duke of Daillon.


Travel throw time in the new rooms of the north tower

The visit of the house is now extended to the north tower. The rooms have been restored as they were at the end of the 19th Century: the hunting room, the guests’ appartment, and the linen room. Then, the tour followes in the library, the ball room, the sitting rooms and the bed chamber.


informations pratiques :


  • The visit of the house is limited at 48 persons at the same time. The visit is a one-way tour, with notice informations. In each room, the number of visitors is limited. There is no reservation, a wating time can be necessary.
  • The mask is obligatory inside the house and the shop.

Hours :

  • Garden and kitchen: 10am – 6.30pm
  • House : 10.30am-12.30 / 2pm-16.30pm (last acces at 12 and 6pm)
  • Ticket office : 10am-6pm

Prices :

  • adult 11€
  • child (7-15) 5€

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