Our partnerships

With our partnerships, enjoy various benefits

Offer “Private houses of Anjou”

Visit one of those 5 castles at full price. Keep your ticket and show it in the next castle to have a discount.

  • Le Château du Lude
  • Le Château de Brissac, in Brissac-Quincé (60 min from LeLude)
  • Le Château de Montgeoffroy, in Mazé (45 min from Le Lude)
  • Le Château du Plessis-Bourré, in Ecuillé (1h05 min from Le Lude)
  • Le Château de Serrant, in Saint-Georges-sur-Loire (1h10 from Le Lude)


Offer “Campsite”

Show a proof of accomodation in ine of these campsites and enjoy a discount for the adults.
For the children, the free entrance to the house is up to 10 years old instead of 7.

Partner houses

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