Opening of the season – 1st April 2022

More novelties at the Château du Lude: opening to public of the restaured apartment!


This year again, the Château innovates with for new rooms to see.

The works of restauration come to an end with the opening of new rooms: the chapel and the home staff appartment. With them, the visit of this part of the house is finally complete on three floors. They testify of the way of life at the end of the 19th Century, by the evocation of the daily works and the relaxation area. Do you know that at the third floor people played billards and at the “frog game”?!

During the tour, the youngest children tranform into knights or princesses withe the suits at their disposal.

In the garden, the walk runs through many atmospheres (french garden, rose garden, batanical wlak, spring graden, the woods), where the wild life is preserved (insects, birds, frogs, squirrels ans other deers) and mixes with some domestic animals (sheeps from Soay, hens)

At the end of the tour, don’t forget to go to the commun building, that shelters the horse stabbles, the saddlery, the grannary and the caoches room. Here, take a picture in the Duke of Daillon’s Coach.


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