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On Saturday 2nd in June 2019at the Château du Lude, the 19th Prix Pierre-Joseph Redouté was awarded by the Association des Jardins du Maine to

“Les graines du monde, l’institut Vavilov”
de Mario del Curto
Éditions Actes Sud / Till Schap


The discovery of the Vavilov institute in Saint Petersbug was a real shock to Mario del Curto. This institute and the other ones like it in the word are actually playing an important part in the preservation of botanical species. In fact, our future depend on our ability to preserve the genetical memory of the plants. A century ago, Nicolaï Vavilov, agronomist and botanist anticipated the disappearance of the botanical variety. Hefound means to protect by traveling all over the word during many decades.

Les graine du monde draws up a report about plant preservation and paints the portrait of the custodians who follow in laboratories and fieds the work of this great scientist who died tragically in the Staline’s jails.

6 prizes were amarded in the following categories:

Art prize

Flora japonica
Martyn Rix & Masumi Yamanaka, éd. Xavier Barral

Practical prize

Toutes les plantes pour toutes les envies et toutes les situations
Didier Willery, éd. Ulmer

Nature prize

Reconnaître facilement les oiseaux du jardin

Daniela Strauss, éd. Ulmer

History prize

Le jardin japonais

Sophie Walker, éd. Phaidon

Botany prize

Flore des friches urbaines

Audrey & Myr Muratet et Marie Pellaton, éd.Xavier Barral

Special prize of the jury

Villes-paysage du Maroc

Mounia Bennani, éd. La Découverte

In the jury, experts and amateurs :

botanist Olivier Colin, journalist Martine Gérardin, interior designer Jacques Garcia, actress Marie-Anne Chazel, Marc Mennessier, journalist at le Figaro, amateur gardener Maryvonne Pinault, well known Belgian gardener Diane van Strydonck,Film Producer Jean-Louis Remilleux, and landscape architect Louis Benech.

Our partners: The Sarthe Conseil départemental, The Regional Council of the Loire valley, Radio France Bleu Maine, Néopost, TRUFFAUT, Média Participations, Bourg Joly Malicorne, all give their encouragements and support to the Pierre-Joseph Redouté Prize.

Prochaine édition du Prix P.J. Redouté : le samedi 1er juin 2019
Pour tout renseignement : – 02 43 94 60 09 – Facebook : Prix Pierre-Joseph Redouté

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