Saturday 1st April, opening of the season 2023

On Saturday 1st April, the visits resume at the Château du Lude, with many activities, to be done with family or friends.

The tour of the house extends now on 5 levels, from the medieval kitchen to the staff appartment. It passes by the drawing reception rooms, the library, but also by more uncommon places, such as the linen room or the hunting room, wher the public disconver the everyday life of the castle at the end of the 19th Century.

What a castle would be without its gardens? Entirely redesigned in the 19th Century by the landscaper Edouard André (french garden, kitchen garden), then in the 20th Century by the landscaper Augustin d’Ursel (rose garden, mazes), they take the visitors in various atmospheres, conductive to relaxation.


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