Visit the open gardens during the “neurodon”

From Saturday 5th to Tuesday 8th 2018

Each year, a hundred of exceptional parks and gardens take part in the “neurodon”, an event during which  founds are raised to help the “Fédération pour la Recherche sur le Cerveau” (Federation for brain research).

As every year, the Château du Lude is part of the event. At the occasion, the vegetable garden is open to the public. For each entrance to the garden, 2€ are given to the Fédération pour le Recherche sur le cerveau.

The « Open Garden » : it’s good for brain !

Neurosciences have prooved that having fun is good for brain. Walking, spending time with family and friends, getting some fresh air in a pleasant environmet are benefic activities for the brain. They help to fight stress and stimulate the brain. In this way, a trip with family in an enjoyable garden, such as the Lude will do good to your brain.


Usefull informations:

  • gardens open from 10am to 12.30 and from  2pm to 6pm
  • adult 6€ / child 3€
  • garden accessible to people with reduiced mobility
  • on a leach dogs allowed in the garden


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