Gourmet days at the Château du Lude

14th, 15th & 16th July 2023

With summer, the cookinf of jams strats again in the kitchen of the Château du Lude! 

From 14th to 16th July, during the afternoon, the medieval kitchen comes to life. On the wooden stove from the 19th Century, the season fruits slowling heat up un the copper pans, to make delicious recipes: raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb and apricots.

Once ready, the jams are put into jars and eaten on crepes, also wooden-cooked. The most gourmet bring some jars back home! This is also the occation to learn precious advice from the jam makers.

During those days, the family kitchen garden is exceptionnally open to public. Fruits and vegetables are cultivated for the table of the house with a method inspired by the permaculture. The flower have their place there. They attract pollinatin insects, before going at the house for the embellishment of the rooms.

Play with the family

In the garden, the all family plays with the wooden outdoor game, available at the shop: giant mikado, swedish pins, croquet, ring throw. The children do back in the medieval time in the moat and their underground passages. Tow mazes promose good times of playing.

At the end of the visit, take a picture in the coach of the Duke of Daillon!

Visit the castle on five levels

From the medieval kitchen to the linen room, passing by the rooms, the library and the chapel, discover the everyday life of the gereat Franch house. In the North Tower, knewly restored, many ancient items exceptionnally preserved immerge the visitor in the 19th Century: cloths and linen, formal liveries, child toys, etc.

During the visit, the children become princesses and knights with the suits at their disposal.

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