From May 22nd to July 14th 2018

In the granary of the Château du Lude stands, from May 22nd the exhibition “50 beaux jardins, Pays de la Loire”, simultaneously presented in five departments of the region: Sarthe, Loire-Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne and Vendée. The photographs in large format reveal the sumptuousness and the variety of the parks and gardens of the Pays de la Loire, through a choice of 50 sites of this area. Those gardens are open to the public all the season or on exceptional occasions for the great national manifestations of the Rendez-vous aux jardins and the European heritage days.

It was a Conelian choice, made amongst the 3 750 historical gardens still existing or vanished, inventoried by the researchers of the inventaire général du Service du patrimoine of the region Pays de la Loire. Nowadays 135 parks and gardens of the region are open to the public. Among them, 18 are classified jardin remarquable and 36 have the regional label. Five landscape architects are also mentioned: Louis Noisette, the Count Choulot, Edouard André, Denis & Eugène Buhler, and many unidentified other ones.
The exhibition is carried out by the Association régionale des parcs, jardins et paysages des Pays de la Loire, with the support of the Service du Patrimoine du Conseil regional des Pays de la Loire.

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